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In 2010, there was a consensus that building the intellectual foundations of a fit for purpose financial stability policy regime was a top priority. A decade on and unfortunately the term macroprudential has retreated to the periphery of the policy debate.

Macroprudential Matters is our modest suggestion to improve this situation. We will use the website to publish opinion pieces written by experts on various aspects of the macroprudential policy debate. In the months ahead, you can expect to find articles on conjunctural risks to financial stability, thought pieces on the design of the macroprudential policy framework, and critiques of regulators’ analyses and policy decisions. While there will be a UK focus to most of our content, we will also feature posts by authors covering issues in other countries.

There is no “house view” on this website. Authors write solely in their own capacity and are not responsible for any views published by others.

We hope the content generated will be of interest to various stakeholders, including practitioners at central banks and regulatory authorities at the coal face, and those charged with holding macroprudential policymakers to account for their actions. We welcome feedback, including suggestions for future content.

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